Thursday, March 10, 2011

On The Road

On the road to Woss.

Lucky Lager, CCR's Green River, 300 metres above sea level, March, 12 inches of snow, three dudes, white truck, trailer full of random shit. Rock and roll is still alive here - the Kinks shout it out of the ipod loud and bratty, snotty fuckers blaze a trail down the graywhite highway heading north on Vancouver Island. Work trucks pass us at 140 km an hour, lucky loggers done for the day and heading for the good times down the road. Down the road the RCMP blaze by us at Sayward junction, heading for the donuts - they always get there, man.
Passing them later, stopped speeders and tickets. Rain. Stories about mushrooms and drunken friends. (That little guy carrying my torso IS MY LEGS!) Thoughts of home and the next worksite. Rain on snow. Drum beats and guitars. Lucky Lager. Laughter and silence. Sunset on the snowy valley at the rest stop. Pissing in the snow outside the bathrooms at the rest area on Hoomak lake. Robyn Hitchcock and the Soft Boys' Leave Me Alone – J__'s mix kickin' ass all the way. Next the Saints. Never heard 'em before, great rock n roll again. My boys would love it. Heading down the highway - straight stretches and mountains, trees and bluffs of stone, sun and cloud and high hopes for tomorrow. Another Lucky and the sun goes down without a fight. Honky tonk piano brings in the evening, the hum of the highway and Professor Longhair. Captain Beefheart tells us all about it as we suck back beer and wish we were there. But here is pretty damn fine with me and the boys drink in agreement. The Band comes on, of course, and we discuss what a dick Robbie Robertson is and how Tolan hates him maybe more than I do. The groove is as sweet as ever. No telling what happened there – maybe he was always like that but it all came out right anyway. It takes all kinds I s'pose. But when he did it right they did it great and what a mix they made for us, god bless 'em. Kids. Kids don't know shit. Mary Weiss with the Reigning Sound.

Caesers and Lucky Lager and shitburgers and hockey on the tv in the pub at Port McNeill, the married men urge the single guy to get with the barmaid but he's having none of it, he makes excuses but he's obviously gay. J__ leaves us almost enough money for his bill and it's off to the room where the computer swears it's connecting to the internet but never does. Wet work gear piled high, heater in the bathroom does it's best to dry us out in time to do it all over again in the morning.


  1. good one dwayner


  3. well, the clothes dried out and we made it to work, so i guess it was a happy ending . . .

  4. nice to know how you're doing. Loved it


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