Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sta Uot uv mi HUOS

My three year old (C__) brought me this today. He informed me that it was drawn by his brother (J__), who is six.

The text, obviously, reads: “C__ – PlEES. Sta. Uot. uv mi HUOS”. To the untrained eye, this may appear a bit cryptic.
The message it is actually intended to convey is this: “C__ – PLEASE. Stay. Out. of my HOUSE.” The house in question being the new condo, constructed entirely out of recycled couch cushions, J__ had just completed in the upscale Living Room district. This note was apparently the security system he had installed to keep out the great unwashed masses. Namely C__. One can assume he and his kind are represented by the blatantly discouraged stick figures in the illustration. The artist even seems to be encouraging violence against these individuals, as one of the figures appears to be exploding and has had its eyes replaced by what appear to be x's. “Man's inhumanity to man/Makes countless thousands mourn! “

On the other side of the note was this:

I at first believed this to be an anthropomorphic graphic representation of the house, obviously troubled by the prospect of being entered by C__. J__ has since enlightened me as to its true message: It is actually a picture of C__, disappointed with his segregation from J__'s gated community. C__ is once again forcefully negated with bold strokes. He was last seen inciting revolution somewhere in the Bedroom ghettos, on the lower south side of the Kitchen Table.

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